I'm from Rome, Italy. My passion for painting started when I was in High School experimenting with different techniques. I started occupying myself with graphic design and, later, painting.
Coming back after a period spent in America, I felt the necessity to seriously attend in a painting course. To do this, I applied to two of the most prestigious schools in Rome named Scuola San Giacomo Di Arti E Mestieri Di Roma and Accademia Di Belle Arti. These years of study resulted with a master degree in arts and a realization and perseverance of what I wanted to paint; spiritual figures and nature.
I became inspired by traveling and seeing the wonders of the world outside Italy, while the spiritual images have inspired me with the Roman atmosphere. I currently use acrylic paints, which allow me to express myself with velocity. My paintings express a triumphant connection between the real world and the unreal part of the world we cannot yet see. My work represents the need to express my inner self, become what I really am, without confusing identity with eccentricity.